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Investment and Development
The best developments respond to the community’s needs. And how better to understand these than to listen to what that community says? Takenaka endeavors to establish good relations with all groups in a community in order to assess potential and proposed developments accurately. Takenaka is mindful of both the economic and environmental impacts of new developments. Wherever possible, plans minimize downside effects while enhancing the overall well-being of local residents. Takenaka Corporation is involved in a diversified portfolio of real estate investment and development projects. Properties that are currently underway range from offices, retail outlets and shopping malls, luxury hotels, resorts and residential buildings.

Coordinating and Consulting
Takenaka aims to provide secure, quality real estate investment opportunities that offer excellent growth potential and high returns. By diversifying its portfolio of commercial properties, Takenaka Corporation has developed a strong position in selected markets, balancing profitability, stability, quality and corporate image. A wide range of consulting services is available to investors. Takenaka Corporation’s overseas branch offices and information networks provide accurate, timely evaluations of opportunities. Business advice on direct investment, finance, asset management, and sales is available. Takenaka also provides consultation in technical areas such as project planning and coordination, project financing, architectural design and construction, tax savings, leasing and project management. Other specialty areas include securitization and merger and acquisition.


Types of Investment

Development Projects
Prior purchase of land, planning and development of projects independently or in collaboration with others.

Equity Participation

Purchase of an equity share of a project during development planning. Financing or material assistance in order to complete project.


An outright purchase of an existing project.

Areas of Expertise / 4つの専門機能


Investment & Development Flow

Feasibility Studies
• Economic Overview
• Demand Analysis
• Market Survey
• Site and Area Analysis
• Proforma
Development Proposal
• Appraisal (land, buildings)
• Land Master Plan
• Design Concept
• Usage Selection
• Business Structure Analysis
• Financial Analysis
• Budget
Coordination /   Implementation
• Project Financing
• Contract Negotiations
• Due Diligence
• Pre-leasing
• Tax Considerations
• Permit Applications
• Design
• Construction
Property Management
• Maintenance
• Financial Management
• Lease Control
• Refinancing
• New Investment Research

Investment & Development at a Glance

     1985      ・・・ Construction started Hotel Nikko San Francisco

     1987      ・・・ Opened Hotel Nikko San Francisco

     1987      ・・・ Construction started Nippon Club Tower

     1988      ・・・ Construction started Poipu Bay Resort

     1989      ・・・ Acquisition Heron Tower

     1990      ・・・ Opened Poipu Bay Resort

     1991      ・・・ Opened Nippon Club Tower

     2013      ・・・ Acquisition One Fleet Place